Friday, November 16, 2007

The one that didn't quite make it

Sadly, I had an unsuccessful bag making session recently. Isn't it frustrating? To make it even more disappointing, it was a bag on order and it was one of my favourite fabrics.

Well, maybe I should be more specific, the fabrics had one of my favourite designs on it. I just love origami cranes and actually, I should live a very long and healthy life as I have folded literally thousands of them for my card business, ki creations.

This fabulously embroidered obi was on a stiff synthetic fabric, unlike anything I'd worked with before. In the bag making process, I use an iron at a rather high temperature. Of course I use an ironing cloth to protect the fabric, but sadly, it wasn't enough for this one. While the bag came out super cute (if I must say so myself), there are some shiny spots on it from the heat and the pins have ever-so-slightly pulled the weave in spots.

I really love the lining too. I recently snatched up a fabulous black haori decorated with pine needles in red, gold and white with a touch of salmon.

Luckily the customer was very understanding and chose another fabric for her bag when I emailed her with the bad news.

I have put it in my eBay store, selling it as a "seconds". Despite it's slight flaws, I was planning on keeping it, but my bag collection is starting to get a bit out of control with no where to put it.

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Jenny said...

What a shame as it looks absolutely stunning! I am sure it will still be bought and well loved!


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