Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stockist Love - Maiocchi

What a better way of starting my new Stockist Love feature, than with Kimono Reincarnate's very first stockist, Maiocchi.

I have been a fan of Maiocchi clothing from way back and you may have noticed me rave about their clothes on this blog once or twice.  The local designer Deanne is a girl after my own heart  with her love of a good Japanese print and some of the fun, quirky touches to different outfits.  But what I love most is how great I feel when I'm wearing a Maiocchi outfit.   To be honest, these days, I'm a larger girl and it's not that easy finding fun, fashionable and flattering clothes in my size, but Maiocchi never fail to add something amazing to my wardrobe each season.  

The latest summer range was full of fun colours and prints.

And the new winter collection lots of warming prints and textiles for those colder days.

The Maiocchi stores are such a treat with not just clothes and accessories but also lots of fun little stationery and homeware treats to spoil your nest.

Brisbane dwellers are lucky to have the three stores to choose from in, The Valley, The CBD and Paddington and now, people of old Sydney town have their own store too, with the new shop opening up on 72B Oxford Street Paddington.

If you're in other areas, there is also an online store and stockists around Australia.

*All photos in this post are by Maiocchi*

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

A Birthday Present to Myself and a Winner!

I had a lovely, low-key birthday weekend which included a sleep in, a picnic lunch, dinner at my parent's house, two birthday cakes and masses of lovely messages.

I also asked the family for some quiet, make-something-just-for-myself, studio time.  This is the necklace I finished, made from hand formed silver with a vintage kimono fabric ruffle.  Expect to see a few more of these in the near future.

Thank you also to all the lovely people that took part in my birthday sale on the weekend!  And a special big thank you to all those that passed on the sale to their friends... so...drumroll please... the winner is... iamkewpie!

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Birthday Sale

Yay!  It's my birthday this weekend!  I thought I might have a little (rare) sale to celebrate.  For the next couple of days there is 20% off (not including postage) in both my stores (here and here) by using the coupon code "HappyBDay14".

And one lucky buyer will could win an extra 20% off by regramming on instagram / sharing on facebook / or forwarding this email.  Please let me know in the message on your purchase which one you have done and I'll refund the extra 20% to the winner on Tuesday.  Feel free to do all three to get three chances!

As well as my new Kanzashi Kits, I've just uploaded some of my new origami brooches for pre-order.  They won't get to me for a couple of weeks but there're in the Etsy store now so that they can join in the sale fun.

In the meantime, I'm off for a weekend of eating birthday cake!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Make Your Own Kanzashi Kits and a Birthday Sale

Over the last few days I've been very busy ironing, measuring and cutting lots of gorgeous little pieces of kimono fabric....

After many requests I've finally fulfilled my promise to put together little kits to make your own kimono kanzashi.  The tutorial has been available on my blog for a while, but the kits give you access to the little hard-to-get-your-hands-on pieces such as the kimono fabrics and special brooch backs.  You can find them over here.

My other little piece of news is that it's my birthday this weekend!  To celebrate, I'll be having a sale with 20% off everything in both my stores, here and here from Saturday until Monday AND a chance to win an additional 20% off.  I'll put the sale details and exclusive coupon code up mid-tomorrow morning, after a birthday weekend sleep-in first of course.

Monday, February 24, 2014

My Ikea-Filled Home

It's no secret that I love Ikea, so when I was contacted by them last year to see if I'd like to submit photos of my home for their monthly magazine I may just have squealed once or twice.

Today, the magazine went live, you can see the interview and photos over here.  If you look closely you'll see a Helen Dardik print , a Mizu Designs print, a pajama monster by Jetta's Nest and a quilt by my mum.

Here are a few more photos of the house that I took during the shoot...

My little one's room with her little creative station (her painting area is set up outside).  If only it was always this tidy....

Our kitchen and my little Kokeshi wall, the hanging Kokeshi quilt is also by my mum.  The funny thing is, I was right in the middle of painting the kitchen bench so in the magazine the benchtop is a different colour.

The little one's gallery wall in the kitchen...

I love the kissing couple curtains above our bed...

Some new artwork by myself above our sofa.  I sigh when I see those cushions as the puppy went through a stage of destroying any that she could get her teeth into.  I need to mend / replace them soon as I think the phase has finally passed...

And my beloved studio, I wish it was always this tidy too!

So that's our humble little home.  It may be small but we love how comfortable and cosy it is.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Life Lately in Pictures

Life lately has been great, for the most part I've been squirrelled away working on new designs and projects.  When I'm in design mode I tend to hide away and get completely lost in the moment.  My dear husband is great about it and sneaks into the studio from time to time with food and drink and is rather accustomed to me leaving the bed in the middle of the night because I just need to sketch down an idea that is keeping me awake.  I should have some pieces that I can show you in the next few weeks.

In the meantime this has been some of my life...

I have been continuing with my creative challenge, though can't say that it has actually been "daily".... My mood boards have somehow evolved into a word theme...

I have returned to another semester of silversmithing.  I'm now an "Advanced II" student and really loving the new skills that I'm learning.  To begin with we're working with a technique I've wanted to play with for years called "fold forming".  It's amazing how I can start with a flat piece of metal and by repeatedly heating, folding and hammering...

I can manipulate it into a piece like this..

or with lots more hammering... like this.

I've had a lot of fun running workshops as part of the BrisAsia festival....

I've been playing with some new pieces with fabric, paper and stitching...

My little one also has her own desk in my studio and loves to do her own "work"...

And each and every day, I feel blessed to live where I live and have the life that I have.  It may be a humble and simple life but it's grand.

What's been happening in your life lately?

Most of these images have first appeared on my instagram page.  Are you on instagram?  I'd love to connect on there if we haven't already!

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Smartphone Photo Edits & 2:365

I just love taking photos on my iphone, it's so much easier to quickly whip out of my bag or pocket than my DSLR is.  I also love how quick it is to edit your photos with some easy apps, they can really make a difference and help the image look more like what you're actually seeing with the naked eye.

I'm working on a little how-to guide for editing smartphone photos, is there anything you'd like me to add?

Today was Day 2 of my 365 daily creativity challenge.  There were lots of birds around me today including a gorgeous heron that visited my backyard which lead me to the word "Free".  The stunning bird in this photo was made by the terribly talented Sam from Jetta's Nest.

I'll be putting updates of this challenge on the blog every now and then, but aim to upload it daily to instagram.


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