Monday, February 03, 2014

1:365 Starting Afresh

My first attempt at the 365 this year failed within the first few days.  I started out really excited yet very quickly felt locked in by using the same medium everyday.  It was like my inner toddler stomped her foot and said "But I want to play with silver / resin / paint today"...  I felt that I could only do it if I created something great...  I felt that I needed to go from start to finish all in the time that was available that day... I was embarrassed that I had failed so quickly so went to hide under a rock.

It was an interesting lesson to learn, it really highlighted parts of myself that I had only suspected were there.

Today, I have started to try a new 365 challenge.  A mood board of sorts, a quick (and I am setting myself a time limit) visualisation on my thoughts / plans for the day.  Today's was "Start Afresh".  The basil, rosemary and lavender leaves are freshly picked from my garden and all have aromas that I associate with freshness.

I still want to create something tangible each day, or at least work on a project, so I'm locking myself into a little creative playtime each morning before I turn on my computer.  These pieces I may or may not share so that I don't feel pressure (from myself)

The irony is, the first thing I wanted to play with was the same kimono fabric that I was resisting a couple of weeks ago.  Years ago I used to make "Kimono Bubble" greeting cards and am working at some new originals for these.  They are now waiting for some stitched details.

On instagram today, a number of people said that they find weekly or monthly challenges more manageable.  Have you ever tried a regular challenge like this?  What worked best for you?  

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chris said...

Hi Melanie - I'm still working on a 365 project - 3 years on. Mailart 365 - one piece a day - sounds soooo easy!! Some people finished in the year (not many) & one has done it for 3 years - 1 each year!


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