Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Seeing Spots

I'm a little late with this one..

A couple of months ago we had my little one's birthday party at our house.  As our previous home was a small townhouse, this was the first birthday party we'd hosted for her.  We had an "Arty Party" which ended up with a bit of a spotty theme.

The day before the party the little one helped me make some special crayons to go in the party favour bags.  We broke up lots of wax crayons and melted them in the oven in silicone baking trays.

We were really pleased with the result and the crayons are lots of fun to draw with.

I made the pinata as I wanted one that we could pull ribbon to break rather than use a big stick... I used a cheap paper lantern and covered it in punched paper circles.

As well as the birthday cake, I love any excuse to bake cupcakes.

 I bought lots of mini canvases which the girls then decorated with pompoms...

But it was the jewellery making that turned out to be the most popular part of the day.

It was a simple morning, but one that we all enjoyed.

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