Thursday, October 24, 2013

Using Multiple Filter Apps on my Phone

I have a confession to make.  I'm rather addicted to filter apps for the camera on my phone.  If there's an image I really like, I might put it through two or even three apps before I'm finished.

This photo below, I took on my iphone.  I took it, as I take most of my photos through the Camera+ app.  Camera+ isn't my favourite editing app, but I like it as a starting point as I can shoot as many pictures as I like and then edit later.  When taking shots of my little bundle of energy, multiple shots is a must.

I loved the pure joy in my daughter's face in this shot but wanted to really make the photo pop.  I didn't note things down as I was doing them, but I probably used either the "backlit" or "shade" filter (I find my camera phone often takes photos a little dark so this is usually the first thing I do) and the "magic hour" effect, dialled down in intensity.  I cropped the photo to a square as well.

After I saved the photo, I put it through the Snapseed app.  Snapseed is currently my favourite editing app, the downside being though that you can only take and edit one photo at a time.  Using the "tune image function" I've played with the brightness, the "ambiance", the saturation and the contrast.  It's so easy to use, you just swipe up and down to change the function and then across to change the intensity.  

I've then used the "tilt-shift" function to get the front of the image in focus and blurred the background a little.

Finally, I've put it through a third filter as I uploaded it to Instagram.  As the photo was a little on the yellow side, I've used the "Amaro" filter which has lit up the little one's face and added a cross-processed feel.  Cross processing was something I used to do in the darkroom, pre-digital days, processing slide film as a negative.  I always loved that look.

I have some other apps that I love to use, some results that you'll see on my instagram feed.

Do you have favourite photo apps?  I have a number more that I use regularly that I'll post about soon.

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Chrisy said...

You're multitalented girl! Had a look at your instagram pics and they're wonderful. Maybe you could do an ebook on using photo apps with iphone???


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