Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Creative Space

My stack of crocheted flowers for the rug continues to grow, as does my speed for making them.  I'm really enjoying the relaxation that comes with playing with the wool and hook.

I'm thinking of taking some yarn on the plane to Japan with me in a couple of weeks.  I have a nine hour flight on my own, so am thinking I could make real headway with the project.  I think I should be able to take it on, shouldn't I?  The hook is blunt and maybe I could take some nail clippers with me to cut the wool.  What do you think?  Has anyone tried it before?

It's funny, my very first flight to Japan was pre-September 11 and I took needle, thread and scissors on with me.  Being a Queensland girl, I had never needed an overcoat, but I was to be arriving in the middle of a Japanese winter where I would freeze without one.  I had this funky old coat of my mums from the 60s/70s.  It had a great cut, a cool collar and was a deep maroon colour, but had ugly buttons.  I sat on the flight, trying to distract myself from the nervousness that came from moving to a country on my own, one where I didn't know anyone and could hardly even speak the language, and gave the coat a lift with new buttons. 

It's a bit funny to think that once again, I'll be on that flight, twelve years later, again on my own, but this time heading to a country I know well, while crafting something for my daughter.

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Thea said...

I'm pretty sure you can take them. I remember hearing that they lifted the knitting needles boycott a little while ago but if you call the airline, they should tell you for sure. The flowers are adorable!

Lisa said...

Your little flowers are beautiful. Make sure you break the file of the nail clippers if there is one. We got into a bit of strife because of one of those. Hope you have a wonderful trip! :)

SomedaysSarah said...

I've never had any trouble taking my knitting (bamboo or metal needles) onto plans but once was asked to stop knitting during touch down (by one stewardess, her coworker had no problems with it at all). I don't know about the nail clippers, though, you might have trouble gettig through security there - could you use something without metal?

Karin said...

Lookin' good! I'd say that is quite the stash already. Have fun!


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