Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Creative Space

The other day I had an air conditioner installed in my workspace, a much needed edition to allow me to work in here this summer and not bite the Man's head off each and every day. We had hoped to move before the summer, to begin our treechange life, but the Man is still needing weekly visits to his doctor (but all is well and he's doing really well) so we've put it off for a little while longer.

Having to disassemble my room to allow the technicians access to the wall was a great chance for me to do some much needed re-organising.

It's not finished yet (though I do suspect it will be in a permanent state of work-in-progress-ness), there's a picture waiting to be framed, my newly painted "inspire" to go on the wall, and another postcard to find a spot for...

One wall did get prettied up... I used some Ikea kitchen knife magnetic strips as a inspiration board, the magnets are kimono fabric covered buttons...

And then the not so pretty, but oh so practical, new organisational system, all my bits and partially completed orders easily found and within reach.

For other creative spaces, Kootoyoo is the place to go.

And once again, sincere apologies as my comment system is still in a state of flux... it may take me a few days to sort out and I may very sadly, still lose a few more comments in the process. I hope I will get it all sorted very, very soon.

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