Saturday, September 18, 2010


4606. The number of comments currently missing from my blog. 4606 notes filled with kind words left by kind people that through a technical mishap, I've misplaced. 4606 comments that have made me laugh, ponder, consider and at times cry. 4606 comments that have at times been like hugs from all over the world when I needed them. 4606 comments that have started dear friendships and each and every single comment I hold dear. I feel so silly, so irresponsible, to have lost them, like something so precious that I have been given and carelessly left behind.

Missing Happy, originally uploaded by dietrich.

I really hope to find them soon.


Kirsten said...

ooops! oh no...sounds like something i'd do. hope you find them again soon. XXOO

Karin said...

Oh dear! I'm so sorry! ((((hugs))))!!!


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