Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Creative Space

Ahhh... if you look at this photo, you may believe that my creative space is not currently total and utter chaos.

... but it is. My creative efforts are rather unfocused at the moment as I continue to be undecided about what stock to make for markets next month. I don't have time to make everything on my ideas list, so instead, I pop from one project to another, hoping that I'll come to a decision soon. There are coin purses with frames, purses and pouches with zips, reversible kimono wrist bags and padded ipod cosies, just to name a few before I really embarrass myself.

At least I have a decent amount of pendants ready to go.

While I can't tell you yet exactly what will be there yet, but I can tell you there will be lots of vintage kimono fabric goodness and I can tell you the markets I'll be doing...

Dec 2nd - 12th(ish) - kimonos and work on sale at Kazuyo's Collection. The address has moved a few doors up and is now at 98 Latrobe Tce, Paddington.

Dec 5th - BrisStyle Indie Designers Market, St Augustine's Church, Racecourse Road, Hamilton

Dec 11th - Boutique Twilight Market, Portside, 5pm - 9pm

Dec 12th - Blackwood Street Market, Mitchelton, 4pm - 9pm

Dec 13th- Boutique Market, Portside

Recently, my creative space has spread out even further and now invades DH's hospital room. I joke to him that he thought he could escape my creative mess, but alas, he can't. Then the other night I looked up from the kimono I was carefully taking apart and saw him smiling at me. I asked him why, his reply?

"Watching you do that makes me feel happy and like I'm home."

**Ooops... forgot to say, if you want to check out more spaces, drop by Kootoyoo.


esther said...

Hello, I am the first to read your latest post! I fnd myself looking at the time you wrote it and the time on my laptop. Yes we mums are used to the dead of night - lol. Love seeing peeps creative spaces. Take time to rest.

Michelle said...

He's right you know! It's all about the familiar, and the familiar can be very healing and make things not quite so scary!

Hope you have fun at the markets.I'm happy there is a market in Blackwood St in Mitchy - I used to live in Princess St as a young girl and my grandparents and father had a farm on Frasers Rd!

Holly said...

How gorgeous - he's a keeper! All the best for the markets.

Tamakikat said...

Hi there Melanie,

that man is so sweet.

I went to a spectacular kimono exhibition recently-ones for noh plays-and thought of you. Have you ever been to a noh play or seen the kimono?

All the best for the market prep.


K and S said...

he's so sweet! all the best to him and you! take care.

trixi said...

I also seem to have too many projects that I'm working on at the same time. But I love it! And I go from project to project. It makes me feel I'm getting a lot done! Hope all your markets go well.

Unknown said...

My goodness....I love what you do :)

74 Lime Lane said...

i know how your feel i finally realised this week that's reason I can't get anything done properly
its lovely that your crafting makes him think of home, very soothing for both of you
good luck with the markets

Allie said...

I wish you success at your markets! How sweet of dear hubby. I am keeping him in prayer!

Mrs Button said...

Now that brought a tear to my eye. Keep making him happy because I know from experience how healing that is for both of you. Lisa. x

Red Hen (dette) said...

I hope your DH is doing well. Unfortunately I will have to wait until you post again to find out what he said to you because I have to wait until the post moves down a bit past the Kimono Fabric Auctions widget as it covers half of your post on my computer screen! Take care, how's your little bub going?

Jenny said...

Wow you are very busy indeed-glad that hubby is smiling


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