Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thea and Sami Eye Candy

A couple of weeks ago I went along to the fabulous Thea and Sami's Open Studio Day. How I love getting a sneak peek at other creative spaces. Her airy studio was filled with gorgeous hand-printed patterns and way too many temptations for someone who is trying to use some of her existing stash before she buys anymore. My mum however was not on such a fabric-buying diet and came home with some lovely pieces (which I forgot to photograph). Instead, her are some photos of a few of the scrumptious patterns in her space.

Thanks for the demo and the lovely morning Thea!


Karin van Dam said...

I can imagine you were drooling a bit looking at those fabrics. They are gorgeous!

Hope you all are doing well there. You have been in my thoughts a lot.

Red Hen (dette) said...

Oh how tempting. My stash is invading almost every room of the house. I just recently put myself on a low fabric diet- I can't manage a no fabric diet just yet!
Thanks for changing that widget thingy, I don't know why it covered the text on your posts must depend on the size/format of my screen. Anyway now I can enjoy your blog uninterrupted again. Good luck deciding what to do for your market, and I love the pics of bub with the magazine and those with her daddy are delightful.

Thea said...

It was a pleasure hosting the 3 generations of you family:) Thanks for this great post.

Jenny said...

Lovely-it must have been hard to resist


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