Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kimono Fabric Applique Advice Anyone?

This is a quick post to see if any of my lovely, crafty readers out there can help. A friend of mine has recently asked if I've come across a good reference for using kimono fabric in applique. Sadly, I haven't, and a search hasn't turned up anything either.

In the store this week I have one obi piece that has been appliqued and I can feel that they've used an iron-on interfacing behind it.

I've never appliqued before, so wondering if anyone out there in blog-land can offer any advice or know of any good resources. Kimono fabric of course comes in many different types, so it might even be a good general applique resource that talks about the use of different fabrics.

Any help would be much appreciate!


CurlyPops said...

I really don't know much about applique, but I use vliesofix (also called wonder under) and iron on the piece to be appliqued and then just stitch around.

Reenie said...

Applique is easier the thinner the fabric is. I'm guessing that the japanese fabric you've referred to is on the thicker side. This means that you can still applique, but only for larger shapes.. Given the thickness of the fabric, I would recommend using fusible (as curly pops recommended) and then blanket stitching around it. Needle turn applique may be a bit of a difficulty. I would suggest either doing a course, buying an applique book or visit a quilting shop.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Thank you, thank you both of you!

In some additional emails, the lovely ladies have added;

(curlypops)I should have also added that I've only tried it with cotton fabrics.....not gorgeous kimono type fabric!

(serena)Here’s a recommendation I’ve had from a few people

If you want, I can take a few photos and make up a tutorial for you of the needle turn method I recently learnt. Let me know if you’re interested, and I’m more than happy to do that for you…

Thank you serena! That would be really appreciated!


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