Saturday, April 19, 2008

Did Someone Say "Nesting"?

It's not really a secret that I want a baby. Hubby and I however made the very difficult decision to stay on working here for one more year, which meant, putting off baby plans for that year. To be totally honest it was the best decision for many practical reasons, but emotionally I still find it hard to accept somedays.

We will be moving back to Australia before we start out family life. That means that there is no nursery that I can start decorating to give me a sense of nesting, no home that I can start to prepare to help satisfy some of those baby cravings. So what I do instead, is shop for baby clothes. I have to confess, I have quite a collection.... Clothes for boys, clothes for girls and as many unisex items as I can. I try to only buy items that are on sale. Probably silly, but it cheers me up and the clothes are so super cute over here. I have funky toddler jeans with dragon prints, gorgeous little onsies with funny Engrish and traditional Japanese items known as jimbei. The photo is of the latest ones I bought the other night.

So for now, there's lots of preparation to be done. I gave up alcohol and chocolate this week. Caffeine is next as I make the switch from black and green teas to rooibos, barley and peppermint teas. I've cut out any type of medicine and will only dye my hair once more. Hubby has an exercise, weights and accupuncture program ready for me. Oh, and of course I have lots more baby clothes to buy! Any "trying" is still a fair way off, but... keep your fingers crossed for me?


Anonymous said...

oh, of course i'm crossing my fingers for you! i know what you're going through, i've been a little broody for the last 4 years i think... but first we had to buy a house, make it liveable, then get married... then it took a few months to get pregnant and that pregnancy ended in miscarriage, at the same time at work i have to try and not seem broody! in general for all of the time i've tried to not appear too broody in front of anybody because i thought if we don't get pregnant i don't want any pityful looks. dealing with the (future) inlaws also was awkward because they were dropping hints that we should get married for the last 5 years (we're together 6 years now)
i'm pregnant again now, it will be 12 weeks on monday, all going well, so then i might officially announce to blogworld. our families and close friends already know, but i'm dreading telling my boss!
i dealt with my broodiness by making baby gifts for my pregnant friends and relatives, embroidering and appliqueeing onesies was a popular gift! and some crochet and knitting.

Rachael Hutchings said...

I definitely was at that point before I got pregnant, but the timing was just not right. I was totally ready to buy every single thing we needed. Plus, the baby things are so fun here!

Maureen Reynolds said...

Melanie, it must be so hard to wait for what you really want but I'm impressed by the positive actions you are taking. Buying the clothes is fun but laying the foundation for a healthier life for yourself prepares both your body and your outlook on life for the presence of a wee one one day.

I might add a serious relaxation method also...meditation, yoga etc so you can calm the body, mind and soul. Hugs.

flossy-p said...

My fingers are crossed for you, both for the patience you'lll need to wait that little bit longer, and also for a speedy conception once you're all ready.

It'll be so cute seeing all these clothes modeled by your babies ;)

Anonymous said...

Don't think about it too much - I did that and I took a year and a half of nothing happening, crying every month - everyone telling me "stop trying and it will happen" - and me blowing them off. Well the moment we decided that is wasn't going to happen and we were going to live our lives with out a child (me 35 hubby 46). I started up my career again, planned a trip overseas and bang happened with in 2 months of not trying - now we have a nearly 3 year old. - So not to sound like a old record - or a Pantene ad - It will happen when you least expect it!! - Good Luck Melanie.

Starla said...

crossing fingers for you! i think it's great that you are being so responsible and getting things straightened out in your life first! and i know what you mean, buying those clothes really seems to help alot! hubby and i have been trying for almost a year and a half's hard. but i definitely 2nd the yoga/'d be amazed how much just some breathing exercises will make you feel so much more relaxed. i think i'm at the point tania was talking about. i cry...i mope....i think i've run the gamut of emotions but i'm now just trying to stay positive and know that someday i'll have my little one.

Michelle said...

Oh how exciting for you! I had my first 8 months ago, a gorgeous baby girl. It took about 7 months to get pregnant...i still haven't had a coffee!!

Anonymous said...

Ohmy, that is sooo cute to read! We will all keep our fingers crossed here (son of 25 and daughter of 21... I might be a granny soon) and I'm sure you'll be fine and that the two of you will get everything you wish for :)

Thanks for sharing all this with us. And those little clothes look absolutely adorable; I can see why you MUST buy them... Best of luck, sweetie!

Little Munchkins said...

My fingers will be crossed for you. Hope you will have some good news for us in the near future.


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