Sunday, January 27, 2008

Too Garish?

Where do weekends go I ask you? That one just flew by!

It started off with some yummy Tex Mex with some friends on Friday night and then Wayne and I went off to see Sweeney Todd at the movies. I loved it! The crush I got on Johnny Depp in his 21 Jump Street days continues to grow, I'm a big Tim Burton fan, I love musicals and I love things dark. So the movie was just my thing. The costuming was great. Ahhh... I'd love to be a costumer (is that the right word) when I grow up.... that and a fashion designer, and a mother, and a speech therapist, and a curator, and a linguist, and a theatre set designer, and a jewellery maker, and a gallery owner.... the list goes on....

So yesterday, between photographing stock and editing those photos, I started making a skirt. I feel I need some thing bright and cheery to get me through these cold, cold days. I plan on having the front panel a patchwork of kimono fabrics, the side panels and maybe the back panel black, but there may be a thing strip of bright kimono fabric off-centre at the back as well.

Here's the (rough) layout for the front panel. What do you think? Is it too garish? Too much?I'm hoping to find some time to finish it this week.

Today, as with most Sundays, was spent playing with fabric, oh, I mean listing on eBay. Here's a selection of some of this weeks fabrics.

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Jenny said...

Oh Oh-I have been staying away from ebay-a self inflicted ban for awhile but I might have to go and have a sneak peek at those fabrics!!!I LOVE how your skirt is coming along-just the thing on a cold, cold day!!Back to reality to me tomorrow-school officially starts!!


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