Monday, February 12, 2007

Sample Packs

Wow, it has been such a busy week!

For me, the week started off rather scary... I had someone get into my Paypal account. Thankfully, Paypal was on top of it and stopped all outgoing activity. It does mean though, that I'm still in the process of getting it unfrozen so I can access money myself.

I then had my parents arrive for a visit. My dad was teaching in Tokyo for a few days, so then he and my mum, came to where I live for a few days after that. While it's always great to see visitors, it does make life especially busy.

My mum is a quilter so she was in fabric heaven over here. She went crazy at my local craft shop, buying lots of gorgeous cotton fabrics for herself and her friends. She also had a hard time choosing from the large collection of quilting books that I showed her at the local bookshop. In the end, she found one that was exactly what she wanted, a creative use of the Japanese indigo-dyed fabrics, which while written in Japanese, had very clear instructions and templates.

I was a little concerned leaving her alone in my apartment with our collection of fabrics, but she was quite restrained. Knowing that she wanted to stock up on kimono fabrics, I prepared a number of sample packs for her arrival. She had a very hard time choosing and it was only my dad's reminders of luggage weight restrictions that stopped her from taking them all. So, after a long absence, our range of kimono fabric sample packs are back up in the store.

Mummy Mel is now fully back on board in the business which is great. She has become very talented at answering emails and sending out invoices with one hand, and the other holding little Ryder. She is now busy buying new stock which will include our first uchikake, the wedding kimono coat. Deciding on which one has been very difficult, but hope we can show you the final decision soon.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Mel!

Many happy returns. May you continue to surround yourself with beautiful things.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mel & Mel,
apologies haven't visited, shopped
(been ill) but,fantastic, Thanks for link on Kimono Reincarnate, working on a New Site currently, will definitely promote you delightful girls/ promoters of all things aesthetically pleasing.
New web. - devoted to ~ design ~ art ~ philosophy ~ reviews ~ culture ~ interaction ~ evolution, perhaps you may supply a page at sometime (it's intended to be a seasonal quartely). I loved the bag, too, what is it about artists' and bags, packaging, the womb probably...ezoon


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