Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ba Futuru

One thing I have really enjoyed over the last year while selling on eBay has been the people that I've met. It was unexpected, but I've heard from many creative people around the world.

One such person is Leilani. She does some work with Japanese fabric and paper. I'll let her speak for herself. She told me;

"A couple of years ago, a friend and I set up an NGO in East Timor - Ba Futuru (For the Future).. My background is in human rights law and international development, Sierra's is in art and youth development... Still running strong, Ba Futuru's main program uses creative and artistic expression (painting, drawing, role play, games, etc) to help children affected by violence and conflict to heal, regain trust, learn about peace and human rights, and restore hope in the future..

I'm still working with Ba Futuru from my Melbourne base (with trips back and forth) while I write my doctoral thesis on psychosocial rehabilitation for children in the post-conflict context.. One of my projects here is to exhibit and sell some of the children's artwork to raise awareness and funds.. Sierra sends me the pictures, and I frame them..usually using origami/washi paper.. "

More about this Ba Futuru, their programs and photos of the children and their artwork can be found at:

As I mentioned in a previous post, we have started regularly selling Japanese paper - origami chiyogami and yuzen mainly, in our store. It seemed silly not to. I'm actually a paper-based artist myself and use a lot of yuzen in my handmade cards that sell throughout Australia and in a few places in the States. Mummy Mel and I are fortunate enough to live near an adorable famous paper making town and make regular trips there to catch up with friends.

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