Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pinteresting My Weekend

Hello, my name is Melanie and I'm a Pinterest addict.

I tend to collect, to add to my boards, but rarely do much with the inspiration that I find.  It's always for "one day..."

This weekend, I made a pledge to do at least a couple of the little projects I'd planned.

The first one was inspired by this quote.  My little one loves to paint and also loves to have control over her bedroom (and her fashion), so I thought it was the perfect project to do with her.

I printed out the quote (in reverse), stuck the paper to the back of some contact paper, cut them all out and stuck them to a canvas.  She was really excited about using a lovely canvas for the first time.

She really got stuck into painting over everything.  At first, she told me she was painting mountains and sky but by the end, the enthusiasm meant that the colours were all blended together.  I loved watching her work, playing with different brushes and sponges for texture and mixing the blue and white paints to get just the shade that she wanted.   It now takes pride of place on her bedroom wall above her bed.

The house we bought last year is a little old 60's shack with great bones, a wonderful backyard, but needs lots of renovations.  It's going to take us a fair while to get around to doing those, so in the meantime, I've started to jazz up (read: attempt to disguise) the bathroom wall with some contact water drops, inspired by this bathroom

I need a lot of hooks both in my bedroom and shed, so got started on this project.

For now, the "busts" have just been glued on.  I will screw them in and spray paint them next weekend.

And lastly, each weekend, weather permitting, the whole family tries to do a little bit in the fairy garden.  I started making some shingled roofs, using scrap timber and paddlepop sticks, for a tree stump which will become the fairies' house, a great idea that I saw here.  As you can see by the photobomb, the puppy loves the fairy garden as well.

Are you a pinterest addict?  I'd love you to drop me a link to your boards.  Made anything inspired by Pinterest lately?

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