Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy New Shed (and a quick sale to celebrate)

Down in my back yard is a magical place.  It's a place I've dreamed of for years, a little place that I can call my very own, a quiet place to create.  

Since being in here, with my tools spread out and feeling like I have space to breathe, I've been inspired and have been working on my next collection named "Down the Garden Path".

I feel like it's a fusion between the greenery I see out my window everyday and my memories  of the Japanese temple gardens I used to go to when I didn't have a garden of my own.

This little piece in the front will be filled with an orangey-red resin representing the glittering scales of koi in garden ponds.  I would sit and watch them for hours as they would glide through the water.  

Near my apartment in Japan, there used to be a large glorious Gingko tree.  The leaves would flutter onto the footpath and would make me smile as I walked over their carpet.  My gingko leaf will be done both in a green and an autumn yellow.

The koi will also be turned upside down and filled with a beautiful sky blue resin reminding me of fluffy autumn clouds.

A Zen garden without stones just wouldn't feel complete, as they represent longevity and happiness.  I've taken a slightly different approach to my "Zen Stones", each one is hand carved out of jeweller's wax, cast in silver and filled with resin.  Each and every one is completely unique just as the stones in a garden would be.

I love when I carve them, they get surrounded by filings, reminding me of sand.  Maybe I should start raking it every now and then as I work.

Once filled with resin, just a single facet on each side shows colour.

Without rain those gardens would never grow, so added to the collection are little raindrops, coming down from the sky to kiss the flowers as I tell my little one.

To celebrate my magical new space (and just before I need to put some prices up), I'm having a quick sale that will end on July 1st.  Using the code "HappyNewShed" will get you 20% off either my webstore or my Etsy shop.  There is only one of the raindrops available in the sale (in the Etsy shop) and limited amounts of any of the sterling silver pieces. 

This is what my creative space has been looking like lately, to see more or add your own, head over here.


Unknown said...

ahhhh my own space ... WANT. love it and love the new stuff, beautiful as always xx

Beautifully Recreated said...

I totally love the clock - that is inspirational. I have been wanting a new clock in my lounge room. Maybe I will have to try something similar. I must say I have missed your blog - it has been too long since I have been in blog land.

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

the shed is fab, and i love the teardrop, any chance you can add a link in ETSY. that we can ask to be contacted when they are in the shop?

littlecherryhill said...

Love the little seating area outside your studio! It must be so lovely to have your own little space to create in now! You're so lucky!


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