Tuesday, May 07, 2013

A Kiss-The-Postman Kind of Day

... or at least kiss-my-dear-husband-who-carried-the-heavy-boxes-into-my studio kind of day.

I'm getting itchy feet, missing my yearly fabric shopping trip in Japan, having put the money into building the new studio instead.  So I was delighted when an order of 42 gorgeous girl's kimonos arrived today.  

Going through the box I was imagining the little girls who had worn the kimonos before, how excited the girls must have been, how pretty they must have felt.  My mind then starts racing with ideas to honour the fabrics in their next incarnation.

Here's a peek at a few of my favourites....

Some will become jewellery pieces, some will go into the quilt I'm working on and some into a new idea I'm playing with.  But no matter where it goes, each little piece will be treasured for the amazing history that it has had.


Chrisy said...

So pleased you got your 'fix' girl...and yes aren't they exquisite...so vibrant...so different to anything we see in the shops here...

Jenny said...

Where did you order the kimonos from? They're so beautiful!


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