Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Workspace Inspirations

As my business continues to grow so does my need for a larger and more organised workspace.  Our family plans to move in a year's time, into a larger space with a much larger studio for me to work from.  Until then, not being able to bear the thought of moving the business twice in a year, I'm trying to make the most of what space I have.

It's quite a mess at the moment and I'm realising that I have way too much kimono and obi fabric as well as Japanese papers that no longer suit my current work.  I'm hoping soon to have a huge craft supplies pop-up shop to find those materials a new home.

That then means I should be able to get rid of one large set of industrial shelves to fit a third, much needed desk in.  A desk I can pack orders on.  A desk to attach a vice and flexishaft drill for metalworking.  A desk I can sew on.  A desk that I can have some hired help work on.  Ahhh... it sounds magical that third desk....

I've been compiling some inspirations for the space on Pinterest.

I love this red desk, that would be so pretty to work on.  When I move the shelves it will also free up some wall space.  These shadow boxes are great inspiration.

Photo from Ucreate via pinterest

This woven rug would be fun to have on the floor...
Photo from HolyCool via pinterest

 What a great idea to organise all my ribbons!

 And lastly, just because they are so pretty, these yoyo pushpins would brighten up any noticeboard.
Photo from Anthropology via Pinterest

What would your dream workspace contain/look like?


Sweet Snow Flakes said...

I love the room! It's cute and I wish I had a nice red desk like yours!!

Margaret said...

I feel your pain! I am in the process of re-organising my sewing space as well, but unlike you I am downsizing :(

Sandrine said...

I know what you mean Mel...Today I tried to go back into the swing of sewing for the shop and realised it will take a little twicking to get some functional space up...Arrrrgh.I love that red one so cute but the way I spread myself I would not be able to see it! lol

Mookah Studio said...

I love that first photo with the red desk, it is soooo cute!

Workspace in a home based business is probably always an issue, because compromises are required aren't they? Nicole is about to sell her house so who knows where our next work space is going to be. Maybe a rented little space....

Red Hen (dette) said...

My ideal space would have space and big big windows that face out onto a lovely garden with a pond and a fountain. *sigh*
Good luck with getting your space to work for you now until you can move.


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