Monday, August 29, 2011

Going Sugar Free

Hello.  My name is Melanie and I'm addicted to sugar.  It has been about two minutes since I last ate something sweet.

♥   صباح

Be it chocolate, jelly snakes, marshmallows or cupcakes, I just love that sugar rush.  The problem is, I love it too much.  I'm one of those people, though disciplined in other areas, given a chocolate bar, can't stop at one row.  A packet of lollies will disappear before I know it, leaving me feeling a little sick, but yet still wanting more.  My husband is often told "take this away from me and hide it please."

But no more.  As of tomorrow, I'm going sugar free, again.  You see, I quit, went cold turkey, a few months back.  I did well for a couple of months, but then my trip to Japan, and having difficulty finding gluten free food, found me falling off the sugar free wagon.  

Quitting was hard at first.  I felt a little headachey and was super grumpy for a week or so.  But after that, I felt good.  I loved not having the cravings.  Swelling in my joints almost completely disappeared.  And I began to lose weight.  Just like that.  About a kilogram a week.  No extra exercise, but the weight started to come off.

I found it better to plan my sugar quit.  To allow myself a few days of feeling sorry for myself as I go through withdrawls.  To prepare my family and give them lots of extra hugs to hold them over a little while I'm grumpy for a bit.  

So now, with just a few marshmallows left in the house, tomorrow is the day.  I will be sugar (and sweetness - I don't eat any sugar substitues either) free again.    

So if you see me over the next couple of weeks, please excuse me if I'm not quite myself, but I promise I'll be back brighter than ever soon.

And it was great to read today that this lovely lady is also recently sugar free.


Tas said...

You are a stronger person than me! I am thinking that this is something I should try but, even after seeing Cath do it, it seems a bit overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! I am on the same war path. Managed to stay sugar-free for a stretch, and then ... wham! Fell right off that wagon. I, too, noticed reduced joint inflammation. Waiting to celebrate some weight loss, too. We can cheer each other on from opposite sides of the globe, Melanie.

wimcee said...

Supportive thoughts coming your way Me; - I know how very, very hard it is to give up a beloved habit, but you've got the metal!

wimcee said...

And I shouldn't try to type without my specs - 'Mel', sorry, curse you semi-colon! xx

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Hello. My name is Jenni and I am addicted to sugar :-) Go Mel....I am on week six now and I even went to a weekend with all my fibreartist friends and didn't touch the sugar, I do tend to eat a few salted cashews though but I hike up mountains so I figured I'm entitled to some pleasures :-) Have you read that book Sweet Poison? Stopped me in my tracks. Stay strong its worth it for your health :-)

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

Yep- end of week 5 here. yesterday was surrounded by lollies and chocolate biscuits adn didn't feel like any so didn't have any. Yay!

Omaof1 said...

Good for you!! I've been sugar free for 3 weeks and I feel better myself :-) good luck!!

Max said...

Make sure you eat plenty of carbohydrates, sugar cravings are usually just a need for carbs x


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