Tuesday, April 12, 2011


There is something so magical about watching a child learn, explore and enjoy life.  Their laugh is so pure that you can't help but feel it resonate through your own soul.

We had a couple of short family days and I'm now back feeling perfectly refreshed.  The little one had a ball frolicking in the water and sun, as did we along with her.  

It's wonderful to be reminded of a time that so much around you is brand new.  New sensations, things all around you to see for the very first time.  Walking along the beach we found a pristine white feather.  I explained what it was and how it probably came from one of the birds in front of us.  She held it up high and walked towards the seagulls wanting to return it to its rightful owner.

After an early morning play along the beach we told her that we were going to a place to see lots of fish and other water animals.  Each time she told me (or rather gestured - she's not really talking much yet) that we'd see a crocodile, with a "snappity-snap" with her hands.  I didn't think there would be one there, but to my surprise, it was one of the first creatures we encountered.  She was delighted and sat by its enclosure as it lay basking in the sun. 

She marvelled at seals, was enthralled by fish and amazed by sharks as they swam beside and above her.

Our lovely little trip ended with delicious (gf) fish and chips in the park beside the beach.

Home again, we feel like we've had a week's holiday rather than just a couple of days.  We're refreshed, revived and have vowed to do this more often.


Jetta's Nest said...

I love your little ones top....she's got fabulous taste!

Naturally Carol said...

I love the delight on your daughter's face as she sits looking at the fish! It is really refreshing to get out of our normal environments.

Hot Fudge said...

There's nothing that comes close to seeing your little child make wondrous discoveries. She's such a little charmer.

dash robin said...

beautiful! loved the little feather returning story-adorable!

moose and bird said...

She is such a little sweetheart. Look at her little face outside the croc enclosure.....such wonder and excitement. A little break does everyone good. I'm really looking forward to a little getaway at the end of may for our 5year wedding anniversary. Only 3 days, but hoping I come back feeling refreshed just like you. x

Nicole said...

Awww she's so cute Melanie. Sounds like you had a wonderful (well deserved)break x

Lilli boo said...

Ahhh so lovely to have a break. So lovely to see the utter joyon your little ones face too, magic times. We are looking forward to ours next week too, even if it's minus my partner.


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