Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Creative Space

... or rather the entrance to my creative space.

My little creative space lives in a bedroom at the top of a set of stairs.  It's a good sized room with large built-in cupboards, but somehow I still find it's just not big enough.  Until last week outside the room was an ugly brown set of shelves piled with packing boxes and envelopes.  I'd had enough of feeling like I was living in a warehouse (and subjecting my family to it as well), so did a big clear out of the linen cupboard to store the boxes and envelopes in there instead.

That then gave me a couple of thin, but deliciously clear, spaces to play with.

On the then wall between my room and the bathroom, I hung a canvas and popped Molly the Mannequin.  The canvas has had vintage kimono fabric stretched over it.  Molly is wearing a few of my kanzashi necklaces.

Then at the top of the stairs, a vintage suitcase (thanks mum!), a pile of current reading and some embroidery hoops.  Some of my kimonos are stored in the suitcase and it looks so much prettier than the ugly bags they were being held in.

The embroidery hoops have some of the vintage kimono fabric that I created my first three piece crane brooch from, and the brooches have now been added onto the hoop as well.

It's so lovely having a pretty entrance to my space.  I feel inspired before I even enter the room.

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Kellie Christie said...

Fantastic Mel!!! I am planning on attacking my studio on Saturday. I told hubby that I will need a whole day uninterrupted to tear apart and re-organise everything. I find it so frustratingly messy at the moment that I can't work in it!!

Teresa said...

I love the entrance to your space...can't wait to have a real space, or better yet a whole room ...'sigh'...maybe one day. Until then I will just have to be content with drooling over other peoples and dreaming.

Red Hen (dette) said...

Great work Mel! I'm feeling shamed into 'thinking' about doing some sprucing up of my poor old very neglected unfinished studio space- although I might be about to lose it to one of my daughter's friends who needs a place to go! :(

BellsInSpires said...

ohh i LOVE molly! she's so stylish ;) now i'm inspired to tackle my own studio corner. it's currently a paper littered disaster area.


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