Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Bookcase Tour - The Art of Resin Jewelry

The book that began an obsession for me, The Art of Resin Jewelry by Sherri Haab.

When I first started playing with resin as something more than just a coating, I was living in Japan.  There certainly wasn't any access to English-language classes I could take over there, so it was something I had to teach myself through books.  This book was a great introduction and I continue to go back to it as a reference book when I'm trying something new.

Just look at these scrumptious colours.  It was the colours that first drew me to resin, something about the way it looks when the light hits a piece...

The book starts by going through the basics including; types of resin, safety, colouring, finishing and also some jewellery making basics. 

It then continues with a number of projects using different techniques.  This sweet pressed flower bracelet uses resin as a clear coating.

It was this next picture that sealed the deal for me when I was trying to choose online a book to buy.  I had the idea of embedding vintage kimono fabric into resin, and here was a project that included just that.

This next project uses pre-made candy moulds with hand painting to make these sweet little pins.  With Easter coming up soon, it might be a great time to keep an eye out of chocolate moulds....

One of the really fun things about playing with resin is adding things to it.  This glitter gem bead necklace is so fun.

The book also goes through how to make your own moulds using both liquid silicone and moulding putting.

Each time I flick through this book, I'm inspired by a new idea, something else I want to try.  

The Art of Resin Jewelry by Sherri Haab 
ISBN 0-8230-0344-2


Chrisy said...

Can see why this book inspired you Melanie...and those chocolate mould pieces...gorgeous! Hope all are well and happy at your house...

Kawaii Store said...

Lovely article! Don’t forget to visit Candy Tree Lane for cute kawaii stationery!

SomedaysSarah said...

Oooooh! Pretty colours!

Red Hen (dette) said...

some of them look good enough to eat!


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