Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bookcase Tour (on the occasional) Tuesday - Creative Time and Space

Hands up those of you who'd like more hours in the day to dedicate to your creative pursuits. And how about more room to really spread out in to do them? Hmmm... looking through my magic mirror I can see a lot of hands there, some people with both hands up waving madly.

Can we ever really have enough time and space for our creativeness? I'm certain I'm not the only one whose crafty to-do list grows by the week to the point of it being a monster that I could only finish in this lifetime if there were five of me. I know I'm not the only person who despite having a workroom of my own still feels the need to spread fabric, paper and jars of beads all over the house.

I'm not sure if it was a hint or a way to silence my occasional complaints about the lack of both, but last Christmas The Man gave me the book Creative Time and Space.

Sadly, the book doesn't reveal a magical way to add an extra 5 hours to every day or how to add an additional room or three to your house free of charge. It does have a few time saving hints - nothing new, but rather reminders, or if like me you feel you need it, permissions. One that I really took to heart was; "I never spent precious nap time cleaning the house because that was ideal, uninterrupted creative time" (types she as the bub is in the next room having her mid-morning nap). The housework still needs to get done, but I do what I can while the bub is awake and with me, and for other larger cleaning chores, we tweaked the household budget and have hired a cleaner to come in every two weeks.

Mostly though, this book is more about a mindset. It's about a way of thinking about adding more creativity, or rather creative thinking into your everyday life. It's about making more room in your head for creativeness. A lot of is told through the voice and examples of other artists, things that do and don't work for them. Their work is used in the pages as well as inspiration and for something pretty to look at while you ponder what you've read.

On this subject, there has also been an interesting discussion going on over on Scoutie Girl, firstly here and then here and then in response, by Three By Sea.

Have you found something that works for you? A great way to infuse as much as you can to those precious hours we have?


Catherine Denton said...

I've picked this book up a few times myself. I may have to get it!

As far as setting time aside for creativity, I'm still looking for that cure. BUT, I am getting better about choosing writing over television. I've been toying with the idea of rising before my kids and writing in a coffee shop until my husband leaves for work.

Winged Writer

Anonymous said...

WOW!! A Bookcase Tour! Sorry, I've let you down this week (and many others) - I will make more effort next week. I agree with the book. It is a mindset. Not that I'm a crafty one like you, but I would like more time to develop ideas and dreams into reality. It sounds like a worthwhile read and probably very inspiring!!

flossy-p said...

This looks like a wonderful book. And though the magic mirror, may you find a moment of inspiration.

Red Hen (dette) said...

I can relate to this. One thing that worked for me when the kids were a bit bigger than yours although not much more (about 2 and 3 and a half) I gave them their own 'craft cupboard' full of stuff thet they had free access to and they worked alongside me.
I'll never forget the day that I got absorbed in my work and Chicky Babe was doing the same nearby, when I looked up she was completely naked covered in blue paint and making tummy prints on the table. Very very cute. I can't remember the name of the artist but it reminded me of the one who dips his models in blue paint and rolled them on canvases.
If you are looking for ways to combine motherhood and creative work Rachel Power who wrote The Divided Heart (a book about artist who are also mothers) has a blog and regularly discusses this concept. In fact last week she posted asking for people to give her suggestions on how they cope.
Here's the link.
or you'll find her in my blog list in my side bar the rachel papers. Her posts are always interesting and thought provoking.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

What works for me....I just avoid the housework ;-) Book looks great doesn't it, I love books!


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