Monday, June 21, 2010

Background Crafty Entertainment

Do you have background entertainment on while you craft? TV while you knit? Music while you sew?

Personally, I'm a huge fan of a period costume drama to accompany me for many a crafting adventure, especially anything Jane Austin. Nikki however wouldn't recommend Tess of the D'Urberaville's while trying to topstitch.

The last couple of days have been spent on a marathon cutting session in my office so it was time to get something other than my cup of tea to get me through it (though you do have to love playing with gorgeous fabrics for hours on end and getting to call it "work").

Firstly I checked out the new Philippe Starck series, Design for Life. Recommendation and links from Mizu Designs.

Next was catching up on some crafty podcasts. The Craftypod archives was a great place to start. She has some really great interviews that not only get you in the crafting zone but are also great food for thought.

Other great places to visit for some great craft listening is Craft Sanity and One Pretty Thing's podcast links.

How about you? What powers you through a mammoth crafting session?


Red Hen (dette) said...

There's nothing like a good period costume drama whilst crafting. Any movie that you can follow without actually watching all the time!
The pod cast interviews are a good idea I'm going to follow those links.
Happy crafting!

Red Revival said...

I'm a bit partial to daggy 80s sitcoms while I work I'm embaressed to say I have all 8 seasons of the golden girls on dvd hehe

CurlyPops said...

My craft space is attached to my living space so I usually leave on whatever I was watching - most likely the Lifestyle or How To channels. If I seriously want to get some work done, then I need to switch off the telly and listen to music. Any Ministry of Sound compilations usually do the trick!

Nicole said...

thanks for sharing these links Melanie, I've listened to most of the craft sanity podcasts more than twice so am ready to listen to some new interviews...heading to The Craftypod archives now xx

Kathryn Mitchell said...

I like watching my favourite movies over and over, even just listening too them. Current favs are Moulin Rouge and Paris haha. Podcasts from my fav radio station in the uk are great too but they're usually so funny my hands go all wobbly and I can't work!


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