Friday, May 29, 2009

Flickr Faves on a Friday - What Has Made it into Explore

Where oh where did this day go? By the time I got to the pool, visited a friend, snuggled in with DH for a late afternoon nap as he wasn't feeling well and had some yummy food home delivered for dinner, the day was all gone! A very good day, but gone.

So for today's Flickr Faves, I'm cheating. These are my photos that have been "faved" by other people and made it onto Flickr's Explore page.

1. Pendant Backs, 2. Captured History, 3. Shinzi Katoh Little Red Hood, 4. Fabric Origami Crane, 5. Travel Document Folder Inside, 6. Girls Kimono Stack, 7. Kawaii Fabrics, 8. Serious Siblings,

Her Hair Smelt Like Roses, 10. Yuka - My first softie, 11. Kirigami Book Ornaments, 12. Epha & Bill, 13. Origami Crane Christmas Decorations, 14. First Obi Handbag, 15. Hoi An Saffron

Now I have to chain myself to my sewing table for the weekend to finish making some goodies for next weekend's market.


K and S said...

Hope DH feels better soon :) Have a great weekend.

Allie said...

Lovely photos!!! Boy, that market is coming up quick, I hope you do really really well. And that dh is feeling better!

Red Hen (dette) said...

Good luck getting everything ready for the market! Lovely baby clothes too in the last post, so small and cute!!!
I have awarded you with an AWE-SUMMM Blogger award. Come and have a quick look. Play along if you like but feel free to just take the compliment of your blog don't feel obliged to play along!


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