Saturday, June 21, 2008


Hi! My name is Natsumi. I was born last night. I'm Yuka’s little sister. I don't look much like Yuka though, which mummy says might make the neighbours talk. Something about the milkman, but I'm not sure what she means, because mummy doesn't like milk, so daddy buys milk on his way home from work, so doesn't that mean that daddy is the milkman?

My stitches are a bit rough, but mummy says that's what happens when you're hand sewing at two in the morning. She says that it's rather ironic, that someone with bad fatigue can't sleep. I don't know what "ironic" or "fatigue" mean, but I'm glad I have no problems sleeping.

My kimono and under kimono are made from real kimono silk, and my obi, well, from an obi. Mummy said she's pretty pleased with me, but will probably make my next sister bigger and a bit different.

I have to go now, but mummy asked me to ask you to stay for a little bit longer, she says that she'd like to talk to you too. Bye!

Thank you so much for everyone's kind words and support about my health stuff. It really means so much to me and has made me feel much happier, less scared, less crazy and less isolated. Really, I can't thank you enough.
I've found a clinic in Osaka that looks promising, so am trying to get an appointment there soon.
Anyway, today, I'm giving myself a play day. I haven't had a play day in ages so it is well and truly overdue. I'm not going to think about stores or doctors. I'm just going to have fun with some different craft things, catch up on some emails and blog reading, maybe watch a dvd or two and sleep when I want.
Oh, and the picture above is of another kokeshi doll I made, like the paper dolls I make, but this time in kimono and obi fabrics. Once I find where I've put the backing pieces, she'll be made into a broach.
Well, I'm off to play!


Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Natsumi is so lovely. She is going to make a wonderful companion.

So sorry to hear about the nightmare you are having with doctors over there. It must be awful. I hope you had a lovely play day with yourself.

CurlyPops said...

I hope you have a lovely play day...sometimes a bit of craft and relaxation can be the best medicine!

Anonymous said...

Aaahw, she's soooo lovely! It's so inspiring to see you use the small remnants of that beautiful kimono silk :) makes we want to try it too!

Thanks very much for the inspiration and take care!

Bec said...

She is LOVELY! I can't believe you are still being productive, creative and positive in the face of all that's happening. You leave me very inspired. Thank-you :)

Michelle said...

Hi to Natsumi! She's gorgeous! One of her relatives lives at my house now in my fave book of the moment. Thanks again for my pressie!

Jenny said...

Gorgeous as usual:)


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