Friday, April 25, 2008

So excited!

Well, I continue in my efforts to catch up on life, I'm getting there slowly.

But now, looking forward. May is looking like it's going to be a really busy month! I have two work parties (for the beginning of the school year) and an excursion for school photography club that I co-teach. But there is one event that I'm super excited about - the Tokyo Design Festa! It's an international art event with about 7000 exhibitors and about 53,000 visitors. I'm just looking of course, but would love to exhibit one day.

It's an event that I've wanted to go to for many years, but have always seemed to have found out when it is on AFTER the date has passed. This year I made sure I planned well ahead of time. Wayne and I will make the trip to Tokyo for the weekend. I'm hoping to be able to get an extra day off work so I can do a little extra exploring in Tokyo and hopefully even meet La Fuji Mama before she sadly leaves the land of sushi and kimono.


Rachael Hutchings said...

Yeah! My fingers are crossed . . .

Anonymous said...

I'm going to try and go to this too! It should be really cool! I've been lurking around your blog a couple of times and it makes me miss my sewing machine :(

Anonymous said...

By the way - I really love your work it's beautiful!


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