Sunday, December 23, 2007

One Done, One WIP and What I'm Unpicking

Again... shouldn't be blogging... should be setting out dinner and packing for our trip that we leave on early tomorrow morning. Notice though that I didn't say "should be cooking dinner..", you see, I don't cook. My husband does. But today, I bought a lovely selection of sushi, salads and chicken for dinner, so I should be setting that out.

I have finally been busy with the sewing machine and finished one and a half bags.

This one is for my sister Rachael. I made her this one (second picture down) for her birthday earlier in the year. She immediately told me she wanted another one for Christmas. Her colour choices were black, red or gold, so I'm hoping she'll like my fabric choice.

This one is still a work in progress. It has to be lined and finished yet, but I'm pleased with its shell. This is for my sister-in-law. My brother hinted that she was hoping for one. She often dresses in, and looks fabulous in olive greens, so I chose this fabric. Often, obi are backed with a plain fabric, but this one wasn't so I have still used the original backing for its, well, back, and handles. I had fun trying to place the design so the wing worked into the flower on the other side.

And this, is what I'm unpicking today. I love the texture of this old silk and the striking colour combination.
I've been obsessively going through kimono magazines of late, really trying to study the partnering of colours that the Japanese use. Talking of colours, I recently stumbled upon a blog that I adore, kris’s color stripes, I love her talent in breaking the world around her into colour. She has such an amazing eye!

Well, that's all from me now until after I get back from our short trip at the base of the Japanese Alps. While of course I'm looking forward to getting there, I'm also looking forward to the train ride up with just my husband, my notebook and sketchbook.

Wishing everyone (who celebrates it of course) a very Merry Christmas!

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Jenny said...

OMG Those bags are absolutely stunning!!!What a lucky sister and sister in law!You are very clever!
Enjoy the festive season:)


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