Saturday, October 13, 2007

So how I feel!

A quick break from sewing and photographing....

I just came across this and had to share. It really expresses how I feel;

"when i give a gift i made myself
first i feel proud, excited
and thoughtful
then i feel embarrassed
and silly
and then i feel like i've
given the best present
i could give....
a part of me....
and then i feel
embarrassed again."

Alicia Hamilton/ New Rochelle, NY


Jenny said...

I can so relate to this too! When I make something I go from thinking it is great to thinking it is crappy lots of times and when you decide to give it as a gift it is much worse!We are really very hard on ourselves!Cheers

Aimée Wheaton said...

OH YES! That describes it very well!!! Thanks for sharing, I usually feel the exact same way.


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