Friday, October 12, 2007

Back to the machine

Ahh! It's been a long time! Life of late has been hectic, but sadly not with many creative pursuits. At school I've been busy writing and recording , outside of work I've been to a few festivals, a funeral, have been doing a lot of business planning and have been madly trying to nut out plans for next year.

Trying to decide can which country to live in can be a real roller coaster ride! A few months ago, because of staff problems in my card business, ki creations, we decided to return to Australia earlier than planned and go at the end of our current contracts, March 2008. We were happy with that decision and looking forward to having more space and hopefully a new family not too long afterwards. Not that long ago I did the budget for the relocation, and boy, it wasn't pretty! We then decided to stay on and both work here for one more year and put off baby plans. Now, we're not so sure.

All this backing-and-forthing, pros-and-conning, is quite mentally draining and I must say, time consuming. We hopefully have a couple of months before we need to decide for sure, so I'll keep you up to date with what where we decide to live.

So, finally, I've been able to get back to my sewing machine and about time! I've had three orders for bags come in so far, so that will be my plans for the weekend. My husband has to work tonight and on Saturday, so it will be nice being able to sew without him getting in the way. The pictures are of fabrics that I hope to sew into bags in the near future.

Another decision I've been trying to make is a web-based one. My website. I haven't had a website up for ki creations for a long while and would also like one for Kimono Reincarnate. I have a web designer on hand, but don't feel I can justify the expense until I have some stock to sell.

In the meantime, I'm setting up my mailing list, the sign-up should appear on this blog soon. With the initial sign-up, I'll be offering a chance to win a bag and then from time to time, I'll have different competitions and discounts on offer.

I've also just ordered a few new patterns from the fabulous Nikki over at Nicole Mallelieu Design. I'm very excited and can't wait to play with them. I have some gorgeous kimono fabrics stored and need a new outlet for them.

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Jenny said...

OOOHH! LOVING the fabrics! Can't wait to see your bags. Glad that you managed to get some sewing in. i know what you mean about when the men are around! Even though we love them dearly some peace and quiet sewing time is just bliss. Good luck with your decisions about where to live-must be a hard one :)


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