Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fashion Break

kimono fabric shirt I thought it was time to take a break from my current bag making obsession and get back into some fashion. I love sewing, but I have to confess, I'm not a great seamstress. My thoughts (and possible plans) are of going back to Australia in the near future, so I'm thinking I'd love to take some sewing courses once I'm there.

Summer holidays start here soon, and that's one truly great thing about being a teacher - I get a month and a half off! Hubby and I are off to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. I plan to take a bunch of stuff to be tailor-made in Vietnam so I'm starting to pour through books and my collection of vintage kimono fabrics.

My cousin went back to Australia via Thailand after her fabulous visit to Japan at the beginning of the year. I was able to take her to the best vintage kimono shops and craft shops and we both went crazy. One of the kimonos she bought had a funky retro wave on it and she had a great top made out of it in Thailand. I'll have to get a picture of it to post on the blog.

Both of these pictures are from the truly delicious book, Dejuvu. The shirt is so sweet and made fabric from a girls kimono. Don't you think the wedding dress below is just killer! Can you imagine going down an aisle in that! It makes me want to get married again, to the same wonderful man that is ;)

kimono fabric wedding dress


3arrowdesign said...

soooo cute! Can you tell me if Dejavu was Japanese book or magazine? I would love to see it! it seems like there could be more cool kimono designs on there. I posted about it on my site too.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Hi 3arrowdesign

Dejavu is a book. It's ISBN is
4-89511-378-7 It's a fabulous book with some amazing designs. There are more in the series that I want to get over time.


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