Monday, June 25, 2007


kimono obi fabric
I have a dilemma. I admit, it's not a terrible dilemma and I know it's one that some would wish they were in... but I don't know which fabric to play with next. My collection of obis continues to grow and I find making the decision of what to transform them into a hard one. For the past few days I've been looking at them, touching them, sorting them, even cutting a few, but I haven't been able to commit.
I did though, finally get around to making a bag for myself. I was meeting a friend for lunch on Saturday and decided that a new bag would fit the occasion. Being in a country of super skinny women, and hence super skinny women's clothes that my frame never has a hope in hell in fitting into, I can't just buy a new outfit - so a new bag is just as good.
I dropped by the craft shop on the way home to buy some more magnetic clips for more bags (once I get over my dilemma that is) and they ooohhhed and ahhhhed over my bag. I was so proud.
I do plan to make a tote in the next couple of days for an older Japanese friend and I think she'd love the red fabric in the front. I want to also make one for my super funky designer cousin and I'm thinking maybe the one with the origami cranes. But then.. I want to make my first one to sell. I'm not sure what people will like... any thoughts anyone???
kimono fabric pincushion
I've also been playing with the linings of my bags. I'd love to line them with something that is just as fabulous as the outside, but strangely enough am a little scared. This is all new territory for me. I'm also trying to perfect my pockets. They seem like such a simple thing, yet.... I even managed to burn myself with the iron making a pocket on Saturday. Hints anyone?
Oh and I wanted to show off my pincushion. I just love my pincushion. Is that silly? I picked it up at a market recently. The top is made from vintage kimono fabric and the base is an old sake cup. Such a simple idea that works so well. I'd like to play with a few myself and happen to have a growing collection of sake cups around the house. It sits on the little desk that my laptop shares with my sewing machine and reminds me to play.

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