Monday, April 30, 2007

Japanese Textile Reference Book

A little while ago, I was asked by a reader if I could recommend a good reference book on Japanese textiles. At the time I couldn't, but another reader has been kind enough to recommend Textile Art of Japan by Sunny Yang and Rochelle M. Narasin.

While I was having a look at it myself, and I must say, it's one I'm going to add to my wishlist, I had a look at what other reference books are available on Amazon. I've put a few of my personal favourites down the side column, I especially love the Design with Japanese Obi book. A number of them I have seen over here in Japan, but selling them from here just isn't viable most of the time as we are already paying for them to be imported.

I've also been playing a little on-line and have set up a free e-card service. I'm feeling that a number of my photos are gathering dust (or what ever it is that they do when stored on a computer), so I'd like them to breathe some fresh air again. If you click on the Send a Free Greeting Card link, it will take you to the site. For now, they are simply images, but I will look at doing some more designing around them soon.

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