Friday, November 29, 2013

Pinata Advent Calendar

One non-work project I need to get done this weekend is an advent calendar for the Little One.  I've been racking my brain for something fun when i just thought that lots of little pinatas would be fun.  My little girl loves pinatas.

Knowing that there would have to be some cool ideas online, I found this great little how-to on Handmade Charlotte.


It looks really simple to do... now I just have to decide what to put in them.  This the first time I've made an advent calendar for her, do you have any suggestions?

PS  I did promise that my next post will be a giveaway... sorry, I'm going to do that on December 1st instead - a great way to begin the Christmas month I think.


Tas said...

Very cute idea. Not sure I will have the energy, though, after the gingerbread making session with the kids ;)

chris said...

Oooooh - lollies & more lollies OR shiny sequinny thinggies (that would be a lot of cleaning up though!) - you've entered into a really big project, methinks!


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