Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Images from Life Instyle Trade Fair - Setting Up My Booth

I alway find arriving to set up for a trade fair exciting yet daunting at the same time.  My work is small so I find it a challenge to fill the large space that I'll occupy for a number of day as well as to stand out in a very large and talented crowd.  As buyers fly in from all around Australia and a few from overseas and they have a lot to see in a very short time, it's important to be able to grab people's attention very quickly.

They are many large, elaborate set ups but traveling to Melbourne from Queensland I try to keep my freight costs low and flat pack as much as possible.  For this latest show I sent one box of ikea flat pack furniture down and the rest of the display and stock fit into two suitcases and one carry-on bag.

The back wall was the first thing I set up to get a feel for the space.  I think I should start buying shares in the Blu Tack brand as I went through about four packets to hang my display, it makes taking it down so much easier at the end of the show.

I mapped everything out with masking tape and pieces of paper...

Then hung frames onto the wall.  The frames were filled with pieces of sushi grass to add a bit of fun to the display.

My fabric and resin pendants were then hung with the designs featured in the frames.

I had more grass cut from acrylic for my hairclip display...

And for the earring from that collection.

The space I'd booked was 3x3 metres so I had tables at the front with my other collections.

While lighting at the show is good, especially on the back wall, even more, especially for jewellery is a bonus.  To avoid the need for power cords running through my stand, I used battery operated LED lights.

Pieces were then displayed on custom cut acrylic pieces with some more touches of grass to tie the whole display in together.

Soon I'll post some other photos from the show, there were so many amazing displays.


Unknown said...

Ohhhh so pretty ... great display!

Anna said...

Wishing you all the best with the trade fair and that you get lots of new customers,

Kin said...

Absolutely gorgeous! You are so creative :)

littlecherryhill said...

Your display looks great, very cohesive! Hope it went well for you!

Di said...

It looks amazing! I hope that you had a successful show! I particularly love the grass - great idea.

Marie said...

Very beautiful and creative setup! Wish i can do the same for my kimono robes and Japanese kanzashi collection. You should actually keep the wall for your store's facade, display, etc... =)

Skyline Displays of NJ said...

You have a really beautiful trade show booth setup. Thanks for the post!


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