Thursday, May 02, 2013

Making This House a Home :: Kokeshi Display

Since we've moved to our new home, so much energy has gone into the yard and the studio that it now feels so good to start making little corners inside really feel like home.

Recently my Kokeshi collection was unpacked and hung, using ikea cutlery trays as shadow boxes.  I will put some pretty Japanese papers in the boxes sometime soon, like I did in this display, but for now it's great to see my little dolls again.  The gorgeous quilt was made by my mum, thanks mum!  

Please excuse the unhemmed curtains in the background, that's one of the next jobs to get done.  


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea! You've inspired me!
Hmmmm..... ANOTHER trip to Ikea?

Anonymous said...

I'm pinning this. Really cute and cheap decorating idea and I love ikea.



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