Thursday, November 01, 2012

My Creative Space - The Catch Up Version

You know how when you're in the middle of something, cleaning the kitchen, driving to work, and you think "Oh, I haven't spoken to my dear friend for ages, I must call her", yet the time just seems to pass by and the next thing you know months have passed.  That's how things have been with this little blog space this year.  Lots of things I have meant to share, but time just seems to run away with me...

So this is what it has looked like in my studio lately...

I've done a bit more organising and findings have been making their way into little Ikea drawers - so much better than the container stacks I'd been using that need to be unstacked each time I work.

I've actually finished all my granny squares for my floral blanket.  Now I just have to join them all, I'm using this method but have to say, mine doesn't look nearly as neat.  Now that it's warming up though I think the yarn might be packed away and I'll get back to work on my kimono yoyo quilt.

Not my creative work, but this is what happens when your tape obsessed three year old knows where you keep the Japanese washi tape and you forget to lock the studio door....

I've finished a couple pieces in the "Folded Silver" range... a chatterbox (did you used to make these when you were young?)

... and a little, simple fox.

And in my silversmithing class, I've been working with some more wax.  There are a few touches of bling that is being set into this after it has been cast in silver.  

What's been happening in your creative space lately?  

For more creative spaces this week and to add your own, here's the place to go.  I just see that there's a month long instagram / twitter / facebook game to join in too!  It looks like fun.


Maxabella said...

You've prompted me. The thing I really, really need to organise is all my crafty stuff. I like those little drawers with the labels. Very nice. x

vicki from in.cube8r said...

even though you're crazy busy (with so many different projects to do,) you still manage to post beautiful shots...snippets of your life. Such an adventure you're having xxx


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