Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Creative Space - Getting out the Hook Again

About a year ago I crocheted my 136th flower.  I then ran out of the wool I'd bought and the hook was put down.  I had intended on joining the flowers together to create a rug but never figured out the best way of doing it.

Now the weather is getting cold, those wool flowers are calling out to be played with again.  Rather than joining them as is, I've decided to crochet granny squares and use those as a base for the flowers, with this kind of look, .. which lead me to my first issue.... how to crochet a granny square.  You have to love the internet, after a quick google I was onto making my first one (well second but that's another story...).

Using the left-over bits of wool, I made a couple to begin with, but tonight I'm going to head out to buy some more wool.  I'm inspired by this colour palette, so thinking making plain aqua / teal squares as the base. 

Hopefully it will be finished in time for next winter :)

Are you crafting anything at the moment?

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becclebee said...

I love the colour combo of pink and red! It reminds me of my first granny square blanket - I used pink and red too! Although mine was made of simple squares - your flowers-turned-into-squares look much lovelier!

angeliki said...

I like your granny squares and the flowers, especially the colours!
I'm new to crochet and like making small and cute stuff like cases!

SomedaysSarah said...

Pretty pretty! I've got two things on my knitting needles - a stuffed dragon for a friend's baby, and the never ending afghan... I started last summer hoping I'd have it done or the winter, but am still working on it as summer comes around again! Sigh...

Tania Tebbit said...

I go through phases of crochet - get all super excited and get hooking and then put it down and let it collect some dust - I am determined to finish a scarf for my daughter before it gets warm!! - Good luck Melanie.


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