Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Japan Day Five - Fabric Town and Asakusa

We were back on the Shinkansen yesterday and off to Tokyo.  Even though the trips are a couple of hours each way from Nagoya I really love watching the Japanese scenery rush past; little towns, big cities, the sea, patchworks of rice fields flooded with water waiting for planting.  I alternate between gazing out the window and getting work done at 200km per hour and so the Tokyo Fabric Shopping Guide book is really coming along.

It was a grey rainy day yesterday but that didn't dampen (sorry!) our spirits.

Firstly we headed for Nippori Fabric Town, such a treasure trove.  Not only did I buy some pretty Japanese cottons, but also a couple more second hand kimonos, some super cute clothes for my little one and some leather working tools for The Man.  We certainly didn't make it into all 100 stores in the area, but then again, I don't think I could have carried any more purchases anyway!

Heaving left that heavy load in a locker, we hopped on another couple of trains and went to Asakusa.  The little tourist street looked so pretty with the light reflecting off the damp ground.

It was a great day for puddle-jumping frogs and those dressed like one.


SomedaysSarah said...

Oooh! You went to the Amuse Museum! What did you think? I went back and forth between loving it and being totally confounded and occasionally a little creeped out! But the fabric exhibits were gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Cute kid ... Fabric town! My mum would totally lose her shiz over that place.

Laura Wilson said...

I cannot wait to get my hands on your guide book! :-)

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Hello Fabric Town!! That looks amazing, but i adore the wet suit that little one is sporting, brilliant. Love Posie

Anonymous said...
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