Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Japan Day Eleven - Kyoto Temple Market

Kyoto, my beloved Kyoto.  Our last full day in Japan was spent in my favourite city in Japan, and even better that it was to go to a flea market held in gorgeous temple grounds.

This morning we're packing our suitcases, ready for a trip back to Kansai airport and our flight back to Australia tonight.  I'll be sad to say goodbye to Japan for another year but at the same time just can't wait to get home to cuddle my little one.  It's been great having my mum to share this trip with so thank you to her for letting me drag her across the country.  I have to say that I've loved just traveling around with my iPhone as my camera, I've probably taken photos of things that I wouldn't normally have bothered getting my heavy DSLR out for, yet it's often those little things that make travel so special.

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who has joined me on this trip through this blog, I've really loved showing you snippets of my second home.


chris said...

Will miss these posts - I just hope you have more photos on your camera & you'll pop a few in every now & then.

Andrea said...

Ahhh, Kyoto is the best of the best. Thanks for giving me a peek of it today!

October ja Wave said...

I loved these inspiring Japan posts, because I consider Japan the pearl amongst the countries with it's beautiful arts, nature and so different culture.
These post have shown me some inspiration to travel around Japan some beautiful day myself.
Thank you!

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh so many people tell me to skip other major cities & head for Kyoto, or they wished they spent more time in Kyoto. What a gorgeous journey & yes, i take a small camera in my pocket too, as the SLR is so huge & while fantastic (quality, range) you take so many more snaps with the little camera.
Big cuddles to your family when you get home. I can't wait to visit Japan, i think i might just go with my daughter in 2 years, when she's in year 10 & more fluent in Japanese. She will do a trip with school for year 12, i will volunteer as the class mummy!! Love Posie

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Forgot to say how cute these kokeshi are, adorable!! Love Posie

Anonymous said...

I really have loved your posts. so need to go to Japan. thanks for the inspirations and the images.

Lisa said...

I want one of those cute chirimen dolls.

lisa :: the red thread said...

Your photos of your trip have been fantastic - I've really enjoyed your posts! Shame we didn't get to meet up... next year!!


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