Saturday, April 14, 2012

Playing Around with PicMonkey

With Picnik sadly restricting its access soon, there's a new free online photo editing kid on the block, PicMonkey.  Having just read about it on How About Orange, I had to take it for a whirl.

Starting with this image...

The site is super easy to use.  It has the basic essentials of exposure, cropping, resizing and that sort of thing.  Then you get to the filters and effects which is a lot of fun to play with....

There are some fashion magazine-y functions including airbrushing, wrinkle removal and weight loss and don't think I didn't test those out on a photo of myself.  You can also use the site to write on photos, there are some overlays, some frames and some textures.

I believe some of its functions are free for now, I haven't found any information about when that will change.

The photo I've used is of my little one on her first birthday when she had her first ever taste of cake.  She's been hooked ever since.

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