Friday, January 27, 2012

Small Space Inspiration

Today I worked super hard on the studio, de-cluttering, tidying and reshuffling.  I need to get a third work desk in here which will also act as a sewing desk.  My poor sewing machine hasn't been set up for over a year now.

With two bookshelves and an industrial shelving unit as well as the two desks, the space is a little tight.  My hope was to clear enough to take out the industrial shelving and put a decent length desk in its place.  I also had visions of lots of lovely clear wall space to put artwork.

Alas, despite my best efforts, it's not to be.  I still need those shelves to store supplies and so can only squeeze in a little desk.  To assure myself that it would still look ok, I went looking for inspiration and found this gorgeous image of Lotta Jansdotter's studio.

Hopefully I'll have some before and after shots to show you of how my space is looking on the weekend.


Red Hen (dette) said...

Good luck playing furniture tetris in your studio- I've been doing it in my whole house now I have two extra grown children living here!
Look forward to seeing some photos.

leah of sang the bird said...

good luck! being flooded in and looking at all my clutter is making me a tad crazy...
my workspace needs some tlc.

Sandrine said...

Best activity to do with that weather!Can you send me some motivation :) x

s t E f a N i a said...

January and new year beginnings do that to you: lots of energy and will or re-organise one's work space. The same is hapening here. Nice inspiration picture :-)


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