Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Done and Nearly Done

My silversmithing course is nearly at an end.  I've really enjoyed it, learnt lots and met some great creative people.  I'm now completely hooked and am signing up for more next year.

Today I finished my riveted ring.  It's quite the knucklebuster, but that's how I like my rings.  It made with folded sterling silver and laminated acrylic, all joined with plain rivets at the bottom and tube rivets at the top.

And here's one I prepared earlier... much, much earlier.  Today I cut two more flowers, domed and soldered them and then sandblasted the piece.  I'm going to polish the edges and possibly colour the background flowers.

I've been doing the course at Brisbane Institute of Art and have been lucky enough to have Dan Cox as my teacher.


origa-me said...

Your fabulous ring is slightly reminiscent of a Tori gateway.

Red Revival said...

Wow you are a busy girl!! I used to live two streets away from BIA but I tripped over to Bardon to do my silversmithing course but that was back in 2004 so maybe they didn't do it at BIA back then.


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