Sunday, September 11, 2011

Photos for Etsy

I really enjoyed the "Lights, Camera, Action" session I ran yesterday for BrisStyle.  All the participants were lovely and became involved adding some great interactive moments between my talking.  It was wonderful to meet so many wonderful, inspired people as well as catching up with some crafty friends.

Putting the presentation together, I had a lot of fun, hunting on Etsy for hours, finding good examples of photography to highlight points I wanted to make.  Here are a few...

I talked about using models to animate products and seriously, how cute is this photo below!  I swear I want to buy this hat just as much for the item itself as well as that tiny bit of hope that the baby might come with it....

The next few are all good examples of using very simple props in photos, with a real emphasis on props being there to help tell the story of what is being sold and to never distract from the product....

Here, simply a pretty white bowl to contain the button sweets works perfectly.   You can really imagine having them on your table for your next crafternoon with friends.

At times, you can't always get a model.  Here a nice coathanger not only allows the scarf to hang nicely but also gives a sense of a neckline in the image.

 What a gorgeous shot for a spoon.  Spoons aren't necessarily something that you think about being interesting to photography.  The fresh produce makes you think of all the yummy things you could cook with that spoon and the composition is so sweet you just want to keep looking at the image.

 And lastly, this adorable brooch.  It is seriously cute and could easily stand on it's own in an image, but the addition of the nest of eggs makes it even sweeter and whimsical.  This is an image I would happily hang on my wall.

Are there any really good examples of product photos you've seen online?


Naturally Carol said...

Great examples..the props really do sell the article!

Red Hen (dette) said...

Great ideas! I love that little birdy and the nest- I'm getting too old to want the baby myself but not old enough yet to want my children to have that baby!!! But it sure is a cute photo.

wimcee said...

Sorry to have missed this session Mel - could do with the help! - so thanks for the tips here!


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