Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The One Thousand Crane Project - Wish #7

Today's Wish: May you always find the words for what you wish to express.

Today's Paper : Crane - From an old calendar with the quote "When the thoughts we think are the same as the words we speak, others will feel our integrity.  

The speech bubbles (empty, ready for the little one to fill) are from the same calendar.

Cranes to date: 36

We've been thinking a lot about language and speech, or lack there-of in this house for a while now.  The little one hasn't found her words yet.  She can communicate so very well and is certainly vocal and expressive, but can't seem to form words.  

With a background in applied linguistics (and language acquisition) for the last year I've listened to her with concern.  At the same time, I've also listened to well meaning friends and family assure me that she was just a late talker, that at one point it was all going to tumble out.  We've tried different methods to encourage language, but it just isn't happening.    I'm now going with my gut and after I get back from Japan, she will start with a speech therapist.

I know the words will come, but we may just have to take a longer road to get there.  And I must say, I'm really looking forward to hearing what she has to say.


Jetta's Nest said...

You've certainly been very patient Mel and I know that there's a point where 'early walker, late talker' doesn't really cut it anymore. Here's hoping those words tumble out in the not too distant future and that you're soon wishing for a bit of shoosh ;)

Mrs Button said...

I know we've talked about this before, Mel and you know how I've worried about my Molly. In our case, we've found some answers recently and are a little further along the road. I'm really glad we trusted our gut feeling and started with speech last year. We're waiting for appointments to check out the next little part of our journey. Will chat with you soon. Lisa x

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I had a little chuckle at Jetta's Nest's comment because it is like that....you can't wait for them to start talking and then you spend the rest of your life trying to get them to shut up ;-) Not really, kids have such a great perspective on life and its always wonderful to hear what they have to say...heaven help us in the teenage years when they get all sullen and don't talk at all!

Beautifully Recreated said...

Thoughts with you as you ride this road. I don't think I have ever worried about 'stuff' as much as I do as a parent. Here's hoping she's just a late bloomer. My little one didn't get her first tooth till she was 13 mths old. She's still cutting teeth at 26mths old. She was also late at growing hair but walked early. Hopefully those words will start rolling out soon. But from one Mum to another - never stop listening to your gut!Bless

Red Hen (dette) said...

You are so right to listen to your gut feelings. I was fobbed off and made to feel like I was over reacting with my son and his learning problems, when he was in year 7 I was alarmed to find he had a reading age of about 9 he was 4 tears behind. I wish I'd been stronger earlier but all has gone well in the end he is now at university in his first year of psychology getting distinctions for many of his essays!
On a lighter note my mum often said she couldn't wait for me to talk then when I finally did she wished I would stop.


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