Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Design Festa - The Cute Version

Here I am, safely in Japan and time is already slipping away, the first four days of the trip have rushed by.

My first port of call here was the Tokyo Design Festa.  It was truly amazing event with everything from cute toys and characters, jewellery, clothing as well as a lot of work by illustrators and artists.  With something like 3000 booths, I did a pretty impressive job at seeing a large percentage of the visual artists.  The event also has outdoor and indoor stages housing musicians and performance artists, so given time, I would have much preferred to do it over two days.

I took so many photos and they are going to take me a while to go through.  I have links to the artists for many of them and stories to tell of some, but in the meantime, here's a small taste of some of the cute versions of the Design Festa.

While here in Japan, I am getting less time to blog (and I have so much to blog about!), but I'm posting random pictures of what I'm seeing on my journey on my Facebook page.  Thank you to everyone who has joined me on there and has commented along the way, it really helps me feel like I'm not travelling so alone.


Sylvia said...

Ooooh! Can't wait for more cuteness! ^.^

wimcee said...

Love the zippety monster purses...the Festa sounds like heaven! xx


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