Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

In the quiet of the night, a special someone has snuck into our house.  

With his long ears flopping as he hopped he's scattered decorated eggs and a few presents in different rooms for the little one to hunt out when she wakes up.  All the bunnies in the house have set up for a tea party with tales of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny to keep them entertained until morning.

And before we knew it, all we saw was a fluffy tail bouncing down the street.

Happy Easter everyone.


SomedaysSarah said...

You are making beautiful memories for your little one! Lovely!!

BrisStyle said...

Happy Easter Melanie and happy hunting little one!

Hot Fudge said...

Oops - sorry. Forgot I was signed in under the BrisStyle banner.

Thea said...

I wished I lived in your house when I was little. Happy Easter. x

moose and bird said...

What a sweet idea Melanie....I'm sure much fun will be had by all. See you Friday x


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