Thursday, March 17, 2011

Meet the Artists - The Reincarnated Kimono Project

I'm very excited to announce the artists taking part in The Reincarnated Kimono Project.

Fifteen artists are taking pieces from the same two kimonos and creating a piece in their own style.  There are fashion pieces for both young and not-as-young, mixed media artworks, softies, fabric origami, bags, a quilt, and jewellery.  The artists are now weaving their magic on the vintage fabric and I'll give a blog tour of the exhibition once it's up.

The artists for the show are;

Myself, but I'm sure you already guessed that.  I'll be creating a couple of my signature jewellery pieces and one of my embroidered kimono cranes for the exhibition.

Deanne Mayocchi of Maiocchi fame, a Brisbane based designer of whose work I've been a fan for a long time.  She creates the most fabulous fashion pieces influenced by Japanese textiles.

Nicole Lacey of Hot Toffee is a fellow artist that has also lived in Japan for six years.  She makes the sweetest (no pun intended) glass jewellery, but has a special mixed media piece she's creating especially for the show...

Stephanie Morris of Wimcee has a real fun sense of colour, I especially love her fabric collage bags and pouches.

Kate Allan of Dash Robin, the creator of all sorts of wonderful things.  For the exhibition she's embracing and celebrating the flaws that time has given the kimonos.

Samantha Gilkes of Jetta's Nest, paints and illustrates with such a funky style and will also be showing a mixed media piece inspired by the kimono fabric.

Robyn Dixon of Hot Fudge, at BrisStyle we best know her as the fabulous crafter of gorgeous children's clothes, but she's also a quilter and will be patching up a storm for the show.

Gill Pyke of Catamation will be working her origami magic on her fabric pieces.  Gill is another artist who is inspired by the time she lived in Japan.

Rachael Smith of Penelope and Pip is best known for her scrumptious illustrations but is creating something quite different for the project...

Chrissy Foreman C is both a talented artist and jeweller.  We shall see soon what the fabric inspired her to create.

Danielle Wood of Manx Minx creates critters with character.  I can't wait to see her kimono critter with character!  Now say that three times quickly!

Thea Samios of Thea and Sami is a screenprinter who produces beautiful work with an organic Australian feel.  Her inspiration of "Australia meets Japan in the garden" really has me excited.

Emma Kidson of Emma Kidson Jewellery's stunning pieces are inspired by all things Japanese and is another artist who has spent time living there.

Amelia  Apogremiotis of Nan's Garden has been using kimono fabric in their delightful range of children's clothes for a while now and will be contributing a cute kimono piece for this show.

Catherine Savage of Made by Maisie creates gorgeous dolls, each with their own name.  I think one of her Kokeshi dolls is going to look just lovely dressed in real kimono fabric.

The exhibition will be run for the month of April at Hanasho, 5/235 Boundary Street West End.  I hope you can come along to see how diversely these two vintage kimonos have inspired fifteen artists.


Kawaii for You said...

That sounds fantastic! I'll be sure to drop in to check all of the fabulous creations out. Will there be a time when all/some of the artists/crafters will be there together? Christine xo

Thea said...

Hi Melanie, I'm excited about taking a wee break to do something new and creative here. I'm also looking forward to meeting the artists I haven't yet met in person and catching up with those I do know. I can help you with set up, just confirm times. x

Beautifully Recreated said...

wow, how awesomely exciting. I feel so out of the loop I have been absent now for a couple of weeks and feel like I have missed out on so much. I can't wait to see your blog tour!

Sandrine said...

Ohhhhh I hope I can come down and have a bliss time browsing everyone 's creations!!
Sandrine x

Baa-Me Kniits said...

What a fantastic line up! This is really exciting and I really wish I lived closer to Brisbane so I could come and see all the exquisite handiwork that is going to be on show.....will have to settle for the blog tour, can't wait! :-)

Red Hen (dette) said...

This sounds fantastic Mel. I look forward to seeing more - shame I don't live closer!

dash robin said...

Pretty fantastic company to be in... Can't wait til the show!! Your crane piece sounds lovely! Xo


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