Thursday, February 03, 2011

My Creative Space

The less sexy side of crafting today.  The plastic gloves, the oh-so-bright yellow and green chemical mask, the cheap disposable beer cups.  And we won't mention the fact that I always do resin pours pre-shower and hair wash...

How about you?  Do you craft?  Is your crafting sexy?

For more creative spaces, hopefully ones that are a little more glamourous, Kootoyoo is the place to go.


Kellie Christie said...

Hooray for resin!! I am planning on having some resin play tonight.

Unknown said...

Love it. My crafting is super sexy too ... when cutting for sewing it's work work work until there are scissor blisters and an aching back. When sewing it's hot in the sewing room! When making hairclips ... until the fingers bleed or get too burnt. Oh for the love of craft!

wimcee said...

i guess working up a sweat, a lot of repetitive motion, messy activity, creative intent, and the odd moments of intense, yes!!


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